Posted by: Schuyler R. Thorpe | April 15, 2015

Not Even Published And I’m Already Making Waves

Bradley Simpson communicated to me earlier today that he had just finished the edits for both Vampiress Hunter books (Hollow Pursuits and Passion’s Blood) and told me that he had been dealing with some issues for the past 7 months and reading my novels really helped him through the worst of it. (Or Marlena helped him at any rate)

So hearing that, gave me some pause. Partly because I wasn’t expecting someone to tell me this, but also because I didn’t think my work would have that much of a positive impact on a reader’s life.

So this bit of welcome news gave me reason to not only cheer, but realize that I do have a purpose in this life after all: It’s to make a difference in people’s lives through my writing. (Take what I have and say, “This might be therapeutic for you.” Give people a reason to feel happy, to feel blessed, to realize that they aren’t alone–no matter what the circumstance, but just…you know…CONNECT with the reader on a fundamental level that speaks volumes about how people view their lives and those of others.)

(I also knew that my time spent in college and discussing the human condition and philosophy would come in handy as well. See, I don’t write for entertainment purposes, but to pull readers into situations that are reflective of their lives and society.

Of course, being fiction, I couldn’t just let it go at that and *pretend* that some elements will never happen. I was more intent and focused on discussing the problems and issues that many of my characters faced through (and based) on my own life experiences and personal observations. A gross sense of realism which will–undoubtedly–be recognized by many people as a ‘salve’ for problems that we face collectively as a nation and as a species.

But now having a glimpse into that world, I can now continue on with my daily experiments involving my characters and the many challenges they face on a day to day basis.)

Posted by: Schuyler R. Thorpe | March 24, 2015

New Novel For 2015 (“The Grey Ghost”)

uss_enterprise_cv_6_by_chewy1995-d71sw2bWatching Battle 360 Season One, I think I’m going to add another book to my arsenal, titled “The Grey Ghost”–an alternate reality novel following the Enterprise as the sole surviving carrier after the attack on Pearl Harbor which wiped out much of the US Fleet (as before) including all of her sister carriers–leaving the ship to face off against the Empire of Japan alone.

Events and names may have changed, but the mission remains the same…

Posted by: Schuyler R. Thorpe | February 28, 2015

Fire And Ice (Volume 1)

fire1Grey witch Katherine believes in control over all magic, but when she’s put to the test with a killer contract. It’s not just anyone, she’s been ordered to kill, but a mid level demon, one in human form. Successful and powerful business man Demetrius has spent the last hundred years avoiding contact with his own kind, until his past catches up with him, when a powerful witch is sent to end his life.



Ben Wilson is this awesome Australian writer with a really cool book that you should definitely read. If you ask nicely, he can also turn straw into gold…but he keeps 10% of the profits for whatever master plan he is presently hatching.


You can purchase his book here for $3.00 on Kindle. Or spend $12.60 for the paperback.

Posted by: Schuyler R. Thorpe | February 24, 2015

November 2016 Launch Date

creationThe plan was to buy some more movies and such for myself, my wife, and my pen pal from Alaska later this year–per my annual job as a Salvation Army bell ringer–but this year, I’m going to put those plans on hold and dump my first month’s pay towards getting the first Vampiress Hunter novel (titled Hollow Pursuits) edited by my editor (for $541.02) and a cover done by Regina (which will cost me $475), and getting this book out by possibly November 2016: Just in time for the Presidential elections to be held.

The second book will be titled Passion’s Blood and the third Hunter’s Moon.

All three will be available through Createspace on Amazon, with the prints going for $12.95 (or $13.95–whichever is more equitable) and the e-books will be selling for $6.99 a pop.


June 26th Update:

In early 2017, I will be giving away 40 signed copies of the book with a bonus book of my own choosing from Amazon. These books will be randomized, so don’t be surprised by what you get. However, those interested will know that I will not subject you to a romance or Western novel; seeing how my tastes in literature is way more refined than something you find in an Avon or other type of mainstream novel.

But the books in question are some of my personal favorites and I’m sure that you’ll get a kick out of them.


So if you’re interested in getting a signed book package from me at that time, please let me know ahead of time so that I can plan things out.

Posted by: Schuyler R. Thorpe | January 25, 2015

Mirror, Mirror (Book Cover and Synopsis

mirror mirrorKylie Jennings always knew that she was a special child–ever since she was a little girl. But she never realized how special.

On the eve of her tenth birthday, her mother gives her an unusual gift: A Kitterman’s Mirror.

One that allows her to see into and interact with parallel versions of herself from the last two hundred years.

But with each encounter with her other selves, Kylie soon discovers the terrible truth about the mirror itself: It is simply not a gateway per se, but a soul stealer; feeding off the various souls of herself and those who have fallen into an uneasy contract with it.

A contract which requires the blood sacrifice of the one who holds the most promise to carry on the lineage for the next generation of wielders.

And wiping out all those who had come before her. Including the original holder of the Kitterman’s Mirror–Kylie herself.

Posted by: Schuyler R. Thorpe | January 14, 2015

Okay…Time To Jump Tracks (New Novel!)

Burned_Out_by_EphirelAt this rate, I’m not going to finish my Death Dealer novel. I’ve got 45 chapters done and I’m just too burned out to continue at this point. (I’m pretty sure that my temp job at the Salvation Army had something to do with it as well, plus my screwed up sleep cycle.)

So I’m going to jump to another new novel that I came up with last week titled The 602 and work on that. The novel is set in the late 22nd century (2187) that deals with a bad girl, a nerd boy and a corporate conspiracy involving Earth’s first warp-capable ship.

(If I just did the bad girl is redeemed by the nerd boy trope that is common on Watt Pad, this novel wouldn’t gain any traction. So I thought of something a little bit different is the fare for the day.)

Of course, this will mean that my aforementioned novel won’t be completed for a little while, but I don’t want to deep-six the book by forcing the issue. A good distraction might cause me to finish that book (and a couple others), but as it stands, my energy reserves are shot. (Plus, I have a new kitten to deal with so that just sucks even more energy out of me.)

Posted by: Schuyler R. Thorpe | January 1, 2015

Now on Amazon! (Promo #2)

destinyKit said something awful in high school. She had hoped when the person died shortly after graduation, the words would be buried with them forever. Years later, neither had forgotten. Would strange dreams, Ouija board messages, and a mysterious man be the only key to settle the score?

Available on Amazon in paperback or on Kindle!

Posted by: Schuyler R. Thorpe | December 31, 2014

A New Year And…One More New Book To Add

2015aSo the month of December, I basically stopped my writing cold on my Death Dealer and The Orb of Truth novel until right after the Christmas rush of the holidays and my annual bell-ringing job at the Salvation Army.

But that hasn’t stopped me from coming up with books, however. Adding to the list that I posted in November, I’m also going to include Into The Dark–a science-fiction/horror novel that deals with some terrors on a newly discovered planet that never sees the light of day because it’s tidally locked in orbit around a hyper-giant of an exo planet 1,500 times the size of Jupiter.

So this book will be fun and follow the second Death Dealer novel sometime late this year or in early 2016. Then after that, I will be writing The Southlands: A Codename: Velocity novel.



Posted by: Schuyler R. Thorpe | November 20, 2014

New Books!

mirror_by_25kartinok-d5bpc2hDon’t be surprised, but I’ve come up with a couple more new novels for the years to come; two books that will follow on the heels of Alice Zero.

The first is called Mirror, Mirror which partially plays on the old child’s nursery rhyme where it goes: “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all…?”

This novel deals with a girl who has the ability to interact with her past selves through mirrors. I still haven’t fleshed out a full story plot, but it will be an interesting YA novel–which will complement my Death Dealer and The Orb of Truth book.

The other book is titled Gate A-4 which deals with a ruined Earth, the last vestiges of the human race, and one of the last surviving (and newly discovered) warp-gates as they try to make it to their new home in a star system 150 light-years away.

The novel is more sci-fi with a bit of a thriller element mixed with political intrigue, but nothing more than that. Most of what happens when I create new novels is having a vague idea or two and a rough outline for the project. Then I get to spend the first week writing like crazy and seeing where the story goes.

A pantster to the core.

Posted by: Schuyler R. Thorpe | November 15, 2014

La Dee Da…Entered Book For Consideration

HarperCollins-Publishers-logo-880x645While this whole month is dedicated to Nanowrimo (which I am an active participant this year), last week I decided to throw caution to the wind, end an eight-year drought for submissions and submit my new book project to HarperCollins for consideration.

The book (The Death Dealer and The Orb of Truth) is about 55% complete. I have 94,577 words on it so far and would’ve had more, but…there’s been a lot going on for the past couple of weeks (my suspension from Watt Pad being one of them).

In the next two weeks, I’ll be working on my bell-ringing job for the Salvation Army again like I did last year, bringing in a fresh infusion of cash and much needed book money.

Next year–at this time–I plan on contacting a book cover artist and asking her to do a book cover for Codename: Velocity.

But as I’ve been telling people, nothing will be published as of yet. That may be a long while into the future, but at least some of the work will be done.

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