Posted by: Schuyler R. Thorpe | March 18, 2011

Character Bio: Kayla Sorenson

Character: Kayla Sorenson
Taken From: The Price of Freedom

Transformation: Yes
Evolution: Yes
Change: Yes

Bio Data:

Kayla Sorenson is a cloned techno-organic–retrieved from tissue
samples sometime in the mid-21st century–during a war with the Neos
and the Mother Control Matrix.

Her unique status as an ascended being grabbed much of Mother’s
attention and her attempts to ‘unlock’ Kayla’s latent abilities had
proven to more of a problem than she was originally worth.

Using technology beyond human understanding, Mother was able to
successfully reprogram Kayla Sorenson at the sub-atomic level–
through a series of wave-guided thought processes directly infused
into her core matrixes.

The belief then was that Mother would be able to unlock the secrets
belonging to the Distantly Removed–but the nascant clone’s memories
were badly damaged after the death of the original host–whom
happened to be a part of a highly evolved group called the Legendary
Sect of Others.

Frustrated beyond belief, Mother ceased with her attempts to extract
the genetic host memories and knowledge from Kayla and simply
reprogrammed her to be her lieutenant in the ongoing fight with the

Because of what happened with her previously, Kayla Sorenson’s
experiences and memories remained ‘blacked out’ for quite some time–
until about 2162; when she was liberated in a campaign by Captain
Tanner’s group of Free Earth Movement agressor forces.

Even then, she was under the thrall of Mother herself–and didn’t
trust the humans as much as she wanted to kill them. (As per her

Tanner took it upon himself to try and ‘convert’ the Free Earth
Movement’s new acquisition–and so he dispatched Lieutenant Kenneth
Jackson Sparks to the Old Capital–which was now the main
headquarters of the Neos and the Mother Control Matrix.

The pair arrived after a series of small events (none of them
actually chronicled in The Price of Freedom; just nary a mention),
where they happened across and old safehouse which used to be a base
of operations until the old capital district was completely overrun
and taken over by the Neos in the early 21st century.

For the next two years, Kayla Sorenson slowly underwent a change from
being a cold-blooded killer to a somewhat docile and fully trusting

Entirely made up of an advanced form of nanite colonies, Kayla’s
grasp of humanity was far worse than anything mankind could dream–
and it took Kenneth quite some time during those two years to educate
and instruct her on a number of fronts/issues.

Once changed, Sparks was ordered to head back to Waco–his old unit’s
home base of operations–and deliver both the woman and his report

However, Kenneth never figured that Kayla would fall in love with him
during the time they spent together and that changed the very face of
his mission into something else entirely.

Naturally, Kenneth had some feelings towards her as well, which made
their once professional relationship turn into something more
plutonic. (And erotic as well.)

Kenneth decided to head back to Waco; bringing Kayla along for the

They encountered a lot of people along the way–some being helpful,
others more harmful and detrimental to the mission.

All through this, Kayla and Kenneth built upon their relationship
with one another–which helped open some past memories and
experiences in them *both*.

Some subsequent battles in Virginia and Kentucky brought forth some
astonishing transformations in Kayla herself–and she used her
newfound abilities and power to level the battlefield against Mother
and her minions.

But she also aged rapidly–in one spurt–going from 19 one minute to
35-years-old the next.

This sudden change deepened the pair’s relationship to some degree,
but also caused some intense friction between the two lovers.

Kayla oftentimes went insane and tried to target her lover and
obliterate him out of existence–but Kenneth was nothing if not
inventive and was able to rescue her from herself.

The woman underwent a few more startling transformations along the
ways–displaying to the various merc groups what she could do to save
them and Kenneth from certain destruction.

In one instance–in a battle with some Goliaths–Kayla Sorenson was
thrown forward in time where she witnessed the end of humanity and
Mother’s innate victory.

With more and more of her genetic memories being unlocked, both her
and Kenneth discovered that they had both been in the past sometime
in the last 150 years; where Kenneth had prematurely ‘died’ and Kayla
was forced to live and fight out her remaining years until she
also ‘died’ and was reborn again–thanks to Mother’s technological

Taking nothing for granted, the pair teamed up with yet another
resistance group where it was discovered that Kayla was pregnant

Everyone involved was at a loss for words upon hearing the news.

But the excitement was short-lived as Mother regained control of
Kayla Sorenson through deception and had her kill everyone involved
in the fight against the Neos inside the Arkansas Protectorate.

Kenneth was taken prisoner by an resurrected zombie-borg whom used
the lieutenant as her own personal sex toy for the next 17 days.

Kayla managed to recover, but that time was short-lived as she
underwent a type of dominatrix ‘transformation where she sought to
control and torture the man she loved.

But like before–on three different occasions–her future daughter
(Felicia)–was able to turn the tables on her own mother and arrest
control from her completely.

Dunping her into a small subspace area, Felicia watched her own
mother regress back to a teenage girl of about 16-years; after she
gave birth to her daughter in that void between voids.

Returning back to the present, a much *younger* version of Kayla
discovered that she had more power and abilities than she did before.

In helping rescue Kenneth and his party from an old enemy outside of
Wynne, Arkansas–Kayla sought to re-establish her relationship with
Kenneth…despite the huge age difference between them.

Presently, the pair is enroute to Kenneth’s aunt’s place.

But getting there has proven to be a bit of a challenge–as someone
from their recent battle resurfaces once again to make things a bit
of a mess.

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