Posted by: Schuyler R. Thorpe | May 29, 2011

Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies

By far, one of my top FAVORITE Playstation 2 games of all time! If the TV commercials weren’t hilarious enough (one had a game intro with ducks flying; before getting accosted by the incoming jets, and the other…? A guy sitting in a seat–all dressed up to look like a fighter pilot (mask and all), before his grandmother yanks off the oxygen mask and screams: “Hey!”-as he is playing the game), the game itself is one of the most convincing fighter-sim games that I’ve ever seen in all my time playing either console games or PC. (Though to be fair…? Afterburner still kicks ass.)

Game play is tight and beautifully woven–as you undertake the role of an ISAF pilot flying for the Allied States in their war against the Erusean military and their control of the Stonehenge Weapons Platform. (A mean bitch of a weapon that can knock out any target aircraft from 10 to 30 miles out–depending on the stage play in question.)

There are 18 stages in the game with the last one being a mother fucker that can’t be beat. And I mean that LITERALLY. 

Remember “The Hand of God” in Battlestar Galactica? Where Captain Apollo has to fly up a service tunnel in his Viper? Well, that’s what you have to do–using the A-10 Thunderbolt. (Because the other planes handle like lightning-fast hummingbirds and don’t maneuver well worth a damn.)

It’s the slowest plane on the docket, but it’s supposed to allow you to fly through the various connecting tunnels of Stonehenge to knock out the weapons’ platform once and for all.

But unfortunately, I’ve been buying left and right and no one seems to have a fucking clue as to how to get past it! lol

Anyways, you start out with various aircraft–from the simple F-4E fighter to the mysterious (and awesome!) X-02 Wyvern; which has the QAMM-Sidewinders that locks onto an enemy and doesn’t let go until the kill is complete.

You can lock onto as many as four enemy planes and wait till they buy the farm. (“Can’t confirm any kills in this furball.”)

For most of the stages, you can use the X-02 (using the cheat codes)–because of its superb speed, handling, and weapons compliment–but you’ll need the F-16C and its complement of XAGM missiles for multiple–single-shot–strikes; 4 targets at a time/mission profiles.

When you’re fighting against Stonehenge at the first stage of the game, you’ll need the F-15E Strike Eagle and the FAB (Fuel Air Bomb) to knock out the weapons’ platform–because of all the jamming countermeasures in play.

Even with the Game Shark 2, I was hard-pressed at times to finish the stages, but the one stage Shattered Skies…still remains my favorite. (Along with “Tango Line” and a few others.)

I’ve played Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, but I’m still having trouble getting past Stage 5.


  1. This is such a horrible review…

    Stonehenge is 300 miles not 30.
    You could destroy it with regular bombs and with missiles if you hit the thing in the middle.

    And using the air brake constantly makes flying in the tunnels easier. That or just using a smaller plane.

    • The next time I play the game, I’ll see if I can’t use some heavier ordinance. :0)

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