Posted by: Schuyler R. Thorpe | June 26, 2011

Spam Comments Trend Has Me Bothered

Since I started this blog over a year ago, I’ve noticed that the few spam ‘comments’ linked back to the articles or chapters that I’ve posted ever made sense.

Case in point? Take Chapter 71 of The Price of Freedom: A spammer left me a comment connected to the recent entry which made absolutely no sense.

After a minute or two of reading it and analyzing it, I came away with a horrifying thought of my own: “What if people can’t read what I’ve posted–that they have to go on a completely different tangent?”

Illiteracy has become a re-surging problem here in America–with a lot of people not getting anything more than a 5th-grade equivalent education these days. (8th grade tops)

As a result, not a lot of us can understand or comprehend what is out there in terms of information, articles, and of course, books.

And what I post is clearly at or above college level. I make no bones about it: I am very well-versed, well-educated, and highly trained to pick out problems, puzzles, and/or issues that have confronted me over the years–dealing with them the best I can.

Oftentimes, I can resolve many problems myself, but lately, this sudden comment had me wondering about whether or not my blog is reaching enough people in the conventional sense.

If you are a spammer, please stop spamming me. Nothing you post is going to be accepted–because it’s off topic and not even related to the discussion/article at hand. I’d also like it if you can post something that doesn’t require the use of a 5th level quantum discriminator in order for me to unravel the literary mess you always leave in my inbox on a daily basis. (I have enough headaches as it is.)

If you can’t read what’s posted here…? That bothers me a lot too. I’d recommend special schooling or at the very least, a college class that will allow you to get your GED. I hate illiteracy and I hate it when people can’t understand even the most basic concepts of human language and reading comprehension.

Above all, I just want people to enjoy what’s being posted here on a monthly basis without any worries. ^_^


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