Posted by: Schuyler R. Thorpe | July 11, 2011

South Carolina Governor Signs Immigration Bill Into Law

(And this will be challenged in court as well…)

South Carolina governor signs immigration bill into law

CHARLESTON, South Carolina (Reuters) – South Carolina Republican Governor Nikki Haley on Monday signed into law a bill that requires police to check the immigration status of anyone they stop or arrest for another reason and suspect may be in the country illegally.

The immigration crackdown, which goes into effect January 1, follows similar action by lawmakers in Georgia and Alabama.

Under the new law, employers in South Carolina will be required to use the federal E-Verify system to check the citizenship status of employees and job applicants. Penalties for knowingly employing illegal immigrants will include suspension and revocation of a business license by the state.

The law also creates a $1.3 million Illegal Immigration Enforcement Unit within the state public safety department to serve as a liaison between local police and federal immigration officials. The unit will have 12 full-time officers, as well as its own unique uniforms and vehicle markings.

The unit will be formed after July 1 when the new state budget takes effect. Haley has not yet signed the budget but is not expected to veto the funds.



    In all the talks and discussions about cutting back on the US treasury deficits, both parties are refusing to consider in these antagonistic debates, the fact that illegal aliens are compounding this major issue; the dollar amount to the $14.5 Trillion dollars, in this miserable meltdown we are facing. The Department of Homeland Security estimated in 2003, that 8 million to 12 million illegal aliens had settled in America and 700,000 new people enter illegally and stay each year. That’s across borders, by lying at entry ports as tourists to the official. These administration statistics are somewhat suspect and may represent major under counting, as they are fashioned by the very people accountable for the tsunami of illegal aliens entering our country. An alternative method is used here to estimate a range of numbers of illegal’s that is probable more levelheaded.

    The precise number of illegal’s entering the United States and the exact rate at which they cross our borders are unknown. Official government numbers are often hard to come by, remain intentionally concealed and are habitually sanitized, in the federal sector and states. This directed (CAPS) California for Population Stabilization to seriously question officials at the Census Bureau and (DOF) California Department of Finance, population figures on these numbers. As an alternative of the 8 million to 12 million illegal aliens these agencies and the liberal progressives claim to be here, there may actually be 20 million to 30 million or more? Nobody truly knows?

    The cost of harboring illegal immigrants in the United States is a staggering $113 billion a year; an average of $1,117 for every household in America and that’s just at the federal level. More truth and Statistics requested? Go to NumbersUSA or Judicial Watch.

    Freshman Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) added his name to 14 different bills on Thursday that would reduce overall immigration levels and work to end illegal immigration.

    * H.R.152 – a bill introduced by Rep. Ted Poe’s to improve border security
    * H.R.310 – a bill introduced by Rep. Sure Myrick that would prohibit federal funding to institutions of higher learning that provide in-state tuition to illegal aliens
    * H.R.691 – a bill introduced by Rep. Phil Gingrey that would prevent mortgages from going to illegal aliens
    * H.R.692 – a bill introduced by Rep. Phil Gingrey that would end Chain Migration
    * H.R.693 – a bill introduced by Rep. Phil Gingrey that would require all businesses to use E-Verify within 60 days
    * H.R.800 – a bill introduced by Rep. John Carter that would require all businesses to use E-Verify within 2 years
    * H.R.1091, introduced by Rep. Duncan Hunter that would require DHS to construct 350 additional miles of border fencing
    * H.R.1134 – a bill introduced by Rep. Duncan Hunter that would prohibit federal funds being sent to sanctuary cities
    * H.R.1196 – a compilation bill introduced by Rep. Gary Miller, the LEAVE Act, that would end birthright citizenship, require nationwide use of E-Verify, improve interior enforcement, and discontinue rewards to illegal aliens
    * H.R.1459 – a bill introduced by Rep. Sue Myrick, the Scott Gardner Act, that would increase penalties for illegal aliens caught with a DWI
    * H.R.1698 – a bill introduced by Rep. Sue Myrick that would increase fines for employers that hire illegal aliens
    * H.R.1764 – a bill introduced by Rep. Charles Boustany that would end sanctuary cities
    * H.R. 2000 – a bill introduced by Rep. Heath Shuler, the SAVE Act, that would require all employers to use E-Verify and strengthen interior and border enforcement
    * H.R.2164 – a bill introduced by Rep. Lamar Smith, the Legal Workforce Act, which would require all employers to use E-Verify.

    American cannot afford anymore to support the poverty of other countries. The final straw was learning from the (FAIR) Federation of American Immigration reform that a volume amnesty would cost to process everybody with all the FBI background checks, health checks and the occupied paperwork over $2.5 trillion dollars. This is incorrigible when 13 million Americans are seeking work and this country, is still in a recession and unlikely to climb out of this $14.4 Trillion dollars financial chaos for years. Every American needs to rethink his vote for 2012. Not for Democrats, not for Liberals and not for Republicans, but for this Nation’s People under the banner of the TEA PARTY.

    This is the time to empty the overcrowded classrooms, full with the children of illegal aliens. Give hospitals breathing space saving billions of dollars from uninsured illegal immigrants, who knowingly enter by foot, vehicle, aircraft or boat into the United States. Entering illegally in a violation of our national sovereignty and should be a felony, for illegal aliens and those who knowingly break the rules, including businesses. Start the Attrition by enforcement programs such as E-Verify, Secure Communities and support Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Utah and States nationwide who have no choice but to restrict illegal immigrants through police laws as their welfare programs are being sucked dry.

    Fearful illegal nationals are bypassing Arizona and loading their possessions, heading for Sanctuary States as California, Nevada, Illinois, Washington state and many counties within particular States.

    • Follow the money, and you’ll see *why* Big Business loves illegal immigrants.

      We can debate why we can’t “support” poverty from other countries till we’re blue in the face, but it won’t excuse the fact that we can blow trillions on wars without end–but have nothing for the home folks on the domestic front.

      See, it’s all PRIORITIES with our government:

      “Which is more important? Blowing up a country that has oil in it, or address our domestic needs?”

      Bush decided that keeping our borders open and the illegal-beagles flowing was less important than fighting a useless war in Iraq. But then when he DID finally address the illegal immigration problem…?

      1) He wanted to give them blanket amnesty. (It’s on the record.)

      2) He built a failed 800-mile fence to cover 2,000 miles of porous borders that the illegals from Mexico overran anyways.

      I get a laugh every time the right accuses Obama of wanting “amnesty for illegals” when it was Presidents like Reagan and Bush Jr. that beat him to the punch. (Not too mention that Arizona first relaxed its border laws in the 1980s–following the 1986 Amnesty Act signed into law by Reagan which granted 1.2 million illegal immigrants amnesty–so that it could take full advantage of a booming border state economy.)

      Two? I live in Washington state and we don’t have an illegal immigrant problem here. Our laws are way too strict too allow illegal immigrants take advantage of our various domestic programs. But we don’t have anything like the illegal SB1070 either. And we don’t need it because we don’t need to go rogue and lock horns with a clearly federal matter in regards to immigration law and who has the overall authority. (States don’t.)

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