Posted by: Schuyler R. Thorpe | July 15, 2011

Anyone Here Have The Cajones To Murder Casey Anthony In Cold Blood? Anyone?

Raise your hands if you have the cajones to carry out a revenge hit on Casey Anthony–because you didn’t like the way our justice system worked out the other day in handing out the verdict?


If not, why do you seethe with anger and hatred for someone who didn’t kill her little girl? Why are you trying so hard to see things differently than what reality has already portrayed it as?


Alternate juror supports verdict in Anthony trial

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla (Reuters) – Some jurors in the Casey Anthony case woke up in their own beds for the first time in more than six weeks on Wednesday, a day after shocking many trial observers by acquitting the young Florida mother of murder.

All 12 jurors who found Casey, 25, not guilty of first-degree murder and other felony charges stemming from the 2008 death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee declined to comment immediately after the verdict.

But one of the five alternate jurors spoke to reporters after arriving home Tuesday night in St. Petersburg and said he would have reached the same conclusion had he taken part in the deliberations.

“I agree with it wholeheartedly,” said Russell Huekler, a teacher. “It was the right decision that was made.”

Prosecutors said Casey smothered Caylee with duct tape on June 16, 2008, drove around for several days with Caylee’s body in her car trunk and then dumped the remains in woods near the Anthony family home.

The remains were found six months later in the woods after a nationwide search. The medical examiner ruled the death a homicide but could not determine how the toddler was killed.

Prosecutors felt they had enough circumstantial evidence to win a conviction and were taken aback by the not-guilty verdicts, a member of the prosecution team told Matt Lauer on NBC’s Today show on Wednesday.

“It was not easy to hear,” said veteran prosecutor Jeff Ashton, who delayed his retirement to see the case through.

“I think I mouthed the word ‘wow’ about five times. We were all that shocked,” Ashton said.

Ashton said prosecutors felt they had a good case, given the manner in which Caylee’s body was found and the odor some witnesses likened to human decomposition coming from the trunk of Casey’s car.

Casey’s behavior after her daughter’s disappearance — lying about Caylee’s whereabouts, partying with friends and getting tattoos — provided what the state thought was some of strongest evidence, he said.

Casey’s actions were “just so completely inconsistent with any kind of accidental explanation for Caylee’s death,” Ashton told Lauer.

But Huekler, the alternate juror, said the state didn’t prove Casey played a role in Caylee’s death.

“The prosecution never gave any really motive of why Casey would have killed her daughter,” he said, dismissing their contention that Casey wanted a carefree lifestyle unencumbered by the duties of motherhood.
“And then they didn’t show us how Caylee died,” he said. “They didn’t give us any type of explanation for that.”

Huekler found the defense theory more convincing. The defense team said Caylee accidentally drowned in the Anthony family’s backyard pool and that, rather than reporting the death, the family covered it up.

“There was some type of horrific accident,” Huekler told reporters. “But for some reason … they made an accident look like a murder scene.”

Huekler said he believed more than one person knew what happened to the little girl, and he suspected Casey’s father George Anthony was hiding something.

Jurors found Casey guilty only of lying to police. She will be sentenced in Orlando on the misdemeanor charges on Thursday.

It’s possible she will be released from jail soon, due to the credit she will receive for the nearly three years she has spent behind bars since her arrest.

“Do you think we’ll ever know what happened to Caylee Anthony?” Lauer asked Ashton.

“No, we never will,” the prosecutor said. “Even if Casey got out of jail and wrote a book and said it, I don’t know that any of us would really know if we could believe it or not.”



  1. Didn’t kill her little girl??? REALLY? What have you been smokin tonite? Huckleberry (alt. juror) believed that Caylee drowned, so it must be true. Most people that have a child drown make it look like a MURDER!! Do some of you f——-n people ever listen to yourselves? Are you capable of forming a LOGICAL thought? My God, it’s not rocket science………she KILLED her daughter and covered it up for 31 days. ………..would have been 31 months if Cindy hadn’t found her and called police. Wake up pro-Casey IDIOTS………..pull your heads out of your a—es!!

    • Nope. Didn’t kill her. Where’s the evidence? State had none. So how can they convict her? The theory about her drowning was never proven because the coroner couldn’t determine HOW Caylee died. And Casey’s fingerprints or DNA wasn’t on the remains.

      So what’s left? Oh, right: YOUR CONSPIRACY THEORIES–which were never born out during the court–despite the prosecution’s attempts to tie her to the murder just by lying ALONE.

      Didn’t you pay attention during the trial?

      • Watched every minute……No evidence? WTF were you watching or do you just lack MORALS and LOGIC??? Casey’s DEFENSE was the ones with the conspiracy theories. You are just FUCKIN STUPID!!!

      • There was no evidence. Otherwise–there would’ve been a conviction–wouldn’t there?

        Stop being retarded and THINK. You’re not doing yourself any special favors by remaining ignorant.

  2. I raise my hand. I’d kill that mother of that little baby since her mom threw her away in a garbage bag. She doesn’t deserve to get out of jail and live in our country!

  3. Take a number Club V…………there’s a long line ahead of you!!

  4. Poor little Caylee, died way, way too young,
    by a death that was beyond so terribly wrong.

    No one knows for sure where, by who and how,
    countless many think, for sure it was the Mother, now.

    Tons of holes, in the case, mystery, questions,
    people everywhere feeling desired intense retaliation.

    The Mother is by far, our most hated woman in the world,
    who was once, just your every day, normal, happy, little girl.

    Her family torn apart, who appeared to care, for each other?
    Grandparents lost their very adored, loved, only Granddaughter too!

    It makes me sad for poor little Caylee, the most, who’s so cute!
    irony of it is the stardom for them all, tons of lute to boot!

    Their lives looked to be our American dream, turned a nightmare
    Because, of alleged murder, found acquitted and a case extremely rare.

    I shall sing, to poor little Caylee, a lullaby, to soften her sleep,
    hopefully with prayer to the Lord, she well rest in peace without a peep.

    by Pamela Murawski
    July 2012 copyright

    • I know. But no one will know what happened. And I still worry people will take matters into their own hands. This isn’t going to be justice for Caylee, but a senseless tragedy that could’ve been avoided if certain people would only LISTEN.


  6. My cajones are small, but please pick me!!!

    • Do you think that killing Casey Anthony is what little Caylee wants? All you’ll be doing is soiling her memory. Not cherishing or preserving it.

  7. THORPE….No evidence….Mother lies for years before baby dies about her life. Little Caylee starting to talk and would have outed Casey for all of her lies about Zanny..Casey going to work…Now lets see Casey argues with mother the next day she moves out. June 16…She says she is at work and Caylee is with her..But she really is at boyfriends house and tells him Caylee is with Zanny. For 31 days she lies about where Caylee is…During the 31 days she abandons her car because it Stinks like death.. Baby is found in woods down the street from house with duct tape on head and tripled bagged..These same woods where Casey and her little friends use to bury their little animals when they were little..Scott Peterson just called the 12 jurors and asked them to sit on his appeal…If Casey is not guilty I guess OJ is not either…Common sense…Mother loses child and does not report it for 31 Days…NO WAY….Child drowns in pool and make it look like murder…NO WAY….Child drowns in pool and you go out that night to blockbuster?????
    NO WAY….Reasonable doubt???? NO DOUBT….

    • Lies doesn’t count as “evidence”. Like I’ve been saying: If our justice system started prosecuting people based on lies ALONE, who would be left to run the country?

      Your side still doesn’t have proof of anything. And there is no proof that Casey Anthony killed her daughter.

      Why try so hard to twist things from reality into a never-ending circle of fiction and make-believe?

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