Posted by: Schuyler R. Thorpe | July 29, 2011

GOP Faces Wrath Of Voters Over Debt Default

The GOP is running scared. They know that they’ve hit on an issue that has completely fractured the party at a worst possible time: Especially since they’ve also embraced the hard-line Tea Party sect too.

Combined, it’s left them with zero wiggle room, no need for compromise, NOTHING that will get them to move on anything–and can you see WHY Cantor and Boehner are panicking; along with McConnell?

The GOP know if we go into default, it will be on THEIR heads and not the Democrats or Obama.

The latter’s already given more than they wanted. The Democrats compromised and negotiated; offering to sweeten the pot on many things–except gutting the new health care law and a balanced budget amendment (which is a JOKE–because the GOP’s version lays out that “it will only work except in times of war” (meaning the government doesn’t have to WORRY about a balanced budget when we are at war with someone)–but still the Republicans have REFUSED to budge!

And it’s getting closer to zero hour on the default. We are less than 16 days (two weeks out) from hitting August 2nd.

While I would like to SEE our nation go into default for the first time in my lifetime, such an event would have a totally NEGATIVE impact on my life; seeing how I am reliant on the government for my needs and that of my wife’s.

Including job training for my new tutoring job (which will take awhile to complete; 9 more months at best) and continued mental health counseling and medication therapy for my depression and anxiety which has last since October 2008 and have only recently started to abate and stabilize; thanks to the Latuda that I’ve been taking.

My medical coverage through Medicaid–which keeps my other medications going AND my blood clots from running rampant…

I don’t know if I have enough medication to last me through a protracted default. But I do know that I will most likely end up in the hospital more times than I can count–because I have no Wafarin.

I don’t have the luxury of waiting it out–not like I did before I was diagnosed with Factor Five Leiden. I only have a week’s worth of viability. And I’ve been doing what I can to keep the clots from forming: From eating right to walking. Exercise and weight-loss. But those measures only HELP, they don’t control or cure my malfunctioning clotting factor from forming new clots in my body.

And once that medication is gone…? I’M PORKED.


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