Posted by: Schuyler R. Thorpe | October 15, 2011

Sky’s 2011 WIP Book List (1996-2024)

I thought that everyone here would like to see what will be coming next in the years to come. ^_^

Keep in mind, this is only a fraction of what I have listed and plan on writing.


Title/Date Created


The Starchild (1999)

Starchild Duel (2002)

Starchild Crossfire (2009)

Starchild Ruin (2003)

Starchild Vengeance (TBA)


Alternate Universe Saga:


Starchild Broken Dreams Book 1: Frozen Earth (TBA)

Starchild Broken Dreams Book 2: Rebirth (TBA)

Starchild Broken Dreams Book 3: Titan’s Curse (TBA)

Starchild Broken Dreams Book 4: Hollow Victories (TBA)


Other Books In This Series Forthcoming


Megastar With Mark Allen Shaffer (2011)


Mystery By The Bay


The Princess of Renaar (2010-2011)

Empire of Rage (TBA)

Queen’s Savior (TBA)

Empire’s Fall (TBA)


Body 14 (horror novel) with April Thorpe 2011


The Silent Army (horror) 2011


Lead Me Into Temptation (paranormal) 2011


Seeds of Origin (Fantasy) 2011


The Vampiress Hunter (2007)

Child of Blood (TBA)

Circles of Desire (TBA)

Pools Of Sorrow (TBA)


Zombie Nation-Outbreak Zero (2007)

Zombie Nation-Survival of The Flesh (TBA)

Zombie Nation-Farewell To The Flesh (TBA)

Zombie Nation-The Dead And The Raw (TBA)

Zombie Nation-Red Dawn’s Promise (TBA)


The Price of Freedom (2004)

The Catalyst of Freedom (2014)

The Fight for Freedom (TBA)

The Traitors of Freedom (TBA)

The Twilight of Freedom (TBA)

The Angel of Freedom (TBA)

The Child of Freedom (TBA) 


Fairie Wars: Fae Incognita (2008)

Fairie Wars: Fae Terra Nova (TBA)

Fairie Wars: Fae For Victory! (TBA)


Fire and Frost (1999)

Cosmic Death (2001)

Virus X (2002)

The Singing Planet (TBA)

The Tulgar Objective (TBA)

Final Requiem (TBA)


Airwolf-A Prince Amongst Thieves (2010)

Airwolf-Firestorm (TBA)

Airwolf- Lost Progeny (TBA)

Airwolf-China’s Gambit (TBA)

Airwolf-Brother’s Keeper (TBA)



Vampire Kittie-Love On The Rocks (2010)

Vampire Kittie-The Cat’s Meow (TBA)

Vampire Kittie-Heavenly Catnip (TBA)

Vampire Kittie-Toying Around (TBA)

Vampire Kittie-The Purr-fect Playmate (TBA)

Vampire Kittie-Crimson Moon (TBA)


Maid of Iron-Made To Rust: New World Orders (2010)

Maid of Iron-Made To Rust: College Days (TBA)

Maid of Iron-Made To Rust: Love Games (TBA)


Hot Summer Blues (2010)

Hot Summer Blues-September Flames (TBA)

Hot Summer Blues-Winter Ice (TBA)

Hot Summer Blues-Spring Passion (TBA)


A Girl Named Mystery (2005)

The Nexus (TBA)


Firebirds-A Novel (2011)

Demon Breaker (TBA)


Wings of Desire With April Thorpe (2011)

Blood of The Fallen (TBA)


Death Grip (Paranormal/Romance) 2011

Devil In The Dark (Paranormal/Horror?) 2011


Poverty And Hopelessness-America’s 2nd Nation (2008)

Poverty and Hopelessness-America’s 2nd Nation-Book 2: Souring Reflections (TBA)

The Long Sleep (TBA)


Stories of the Dead Earth Book 1-Orphan (2007)

Stories of the Dead Earth Book 2-Seige (2007)

Stories of the Dead Earth Book 3-Jasper (2008)

Stories of the Dead Earth Book 4-Passion’s Blood (TBA)


Star Carrier Trinity (2003)


Deep Strike (2002)


Rogue Planet (2011)

The Long Sleep (TBA)

Time Walker (TBA)


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