Posted by: Schuyler R. Thorpe | October 16, 2011

Would You Vote GOP With The Tea Party Calling The Shots?

When the fringe nuts arrive to reinforce the GOP, is it a wonder why so many people are turned off by the Tea Party these days when they try to FORCE their agenda on the Republican elite–by getting them to do what they want and nothing else?

No one is going to vote Republican these days except those who want bragging rights and want to see more people hurt emotionally and financially in the long run–just to stay in power.

I’m an Independent and there is no way in hell I’m going to vote for the GOP next year! They scare me! None of them exude an OUNCE of intelligence, they all seem hell bent on making things ten times worse than things are now, and they want to rewrite the Constitution and force their values and morals on the whole country–just because they can?

And all this because they hate Obama and want to make him a one-term President. Where’s the jobs the GOP promised? Where’s the promise of fixing the economy? Where are the PLANS to turn this recession around?

Why hasn’t the GOP concentrated on the millions of Americans who are out of work and still struggling–try and find ways to improve on their bleak situation?

There’s so little that people like me can do when Big Business companies like Wal-Mart don’t want to hire the people who chronically unemployed, take *forever* in making a decision on whether or not to accept your application or reject it, or keep cutting people’s hours back to the point of nihability.

Or the fact that Big Business companies have been sitting on nearly $4 trillion dollars in cash reserves for the past couple of years have thus far REFUSED to invest it in our economy because they don’t like the President and often has the GOP’s ear.

Our economic recovery has been the worst I’ve ever seen in my entire lifetime. Even the jobless recoveries during the Bush years were more uniform than what’s going on now. And there is little that Obama can do to change things.

The Republicans have made their personal mission to see that Obama fails. But what’s going to happen if and when the ball is in their court? Will they unleash all that money Big Business has been callously hoarding for months and finally create jobs, or are they just going to continue hold back and make things worse even still for those who haven’t been successful in finding a job?

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