Posted by: Schuyler R. Thorpe | May 1, 2012

How Much Advertising Is Too Much Advertising?

I’ve been a Facebook user for almost three years now–two years actual. (The first year I just created an account and left it as is–still using Yahoo! at the time. ((Before Facebook took over the internet and then the world with something close to 800 million users.) )

In that time, I’ve seen a shitload of advertisements that have come and gone and only most recently (I’ve been meaning to post this) focus only on the blitzkrieg of postings that are screaming about free e-books, or how some posters are so close to grabbing that coveted number slot and they want you to know about it by beating your head in incessantly with a 2×4 until you can’t think straight.

Honestly and truthfully, heavy handed advertising goes only so far before any one of us are desensitized by the whole experience to the point where–for each advertisement we see–we just want to reach across cyberspace and start beating the shit out of the little bastards who are hammering us constantly with droning advertisements that have people like me ripping our collective hairs out of our heads.

 In case you haven’t noticed lately, it’s been awfully quite on my blog as of late. So quiet in fact, you can both hear the frogs and crickets chirping. Most days, I’m busy with job-hunting and volunteering at the food bank, but other times, I’m trying to throw up some new writing that will make me feel like I’m accomplishing something–other than sitting on my ass and doing practically nothing.

I even went on my Twitter page today and tweeted about some new books of mine and a piece on Stephen King (I was right: The guy wouldn’t give a shit about my writing–which makes me feel loads better; after reading an editorial piece from the Master of Horror on taxes and the super-rich), but for the most part, I’m more into the socializing aspect of cyberspace than I am at advertising and promoting either myself or my books.

In truth, I can’t stomach the blitzkrieg-style of advertising I see on Facebook and do what I can to avoid becoming swept up in the current of endless barrages of senseless postings about free books and book rankings. (Which I also found out…offering your books for free doesn’t always work out as initially planned–something that I’m going to be avoiding like the plague when my novels become available for purchase.)

I prefer a cyber experience where people are people and there is always plenty of time and opportunity to toot your own horn. But I think that there is just too much advertising and not enough interaction between the whole cyberspace domain and ourselves; having getting lost in the promotions.

I mean, it’s fine and dandy if you have a new book–to tell the world what’s going on. But I’ve seen too many authors suddenly shut down their social skills network and just focus on blasting the hell out of everyone with spam-postings about their book.

I don’t know how Amanda Hocking does it–if she ever engages her readers on a personal level, or she–just like everyone else–just spams people to death with endless advertising and promoting.

It makes me feel like I’ve got nothing to look forward to whenever The Starchild gets self-published through Amazon because I’ll just be lost in the flood. In retrospect, I don’t promo or advertise my work that much because I don’t have the feel for it like others do. I’m simply not aggressive enough for people to take notice of me. I’m often too quiet and too reserved when it comes to my time in the limelight. In truth, such things make me wary and uncomfortable. 

It’s just not my thing.

A bit of irony–seeing how I am a writer trying to make his way through the universe. But I just never got a hold of the advertising angle to make much of an impact on people’s perceptions of me.

But what I see on Facebook and other sites just makes me all that more reclusive and even depressed. Not because they are spamming people for a few seconds of your time, but because–I think–people have lost touch with themselves and forgotten what’s like to be a human being.


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