Posted by: Schuyler R. Thorpe | August 9, 2012

The Curse Of Summer Writing

As it happens, things are a bit on the slow side. The Starchild is making good progress, although I can only report that 38 chapters (and change) have been written. I did some writing on it yesterday, but last week’s 90-degree temps in Everett, Washington made me feel absolutely lethargic and listless. (I get this way when things start heading towards triple-digits: All my thought processes, creativity, and imagination just grinds to a halt. And no, there is no “jump-starting” me–even with jumper cables. I just simply refuse to write. All I can think is: “Oh god…! It’s so fucking hot!”–with me reaching for a few tall glasses of ice-cold water and a compress.)

I hadn’t really wrote on the book since late July, but I’m getting into the groove on that one. I think–with a few more months of writing–I’ll be finished. I tried to get something going on my third Stories of the Dead Earth novel (Jasper) soon after (for three days straight), but I was crashing and burning on that front. 

I have a funny feeling nothing will happen until either I complete Starchild Duel, or until the first Stories of the Dead Earth novel is published through Amazon in 2014. (Whichever comes first.)

During this time, I’ve come up with three new novels: Flash FrozenBloody Mary, and The Witch’s Curse. All three of these books were based on some rather intense dreams I’ve had in the past couple of weeks and I’ve made a rough draft of each and posted them on my Sky’s Book News and Updates group on my Facebook page for everyone to read.

For those of you who don’t have Facebook–or access to the group page…

Flash Frozen is about an alien microbe that lands on Earth and begins freezing the world’s water supply.

No, there is no Democrat or Republican conspiracy theory here in the works for everyone to ponder over, just a stray military satellite that got very unlucky when it came into contact with it out in deep space. ^_^ (Update: This  idea was changed to show a a secret military/scientific mission was sent to the Kuiper Belt in 2002 to collect samples and do an atmospheric analysis of the dwarf planet Makemake. (Which is a real dwarf planet!)

So the recovery and analysis team at Elesburg Air Force Base is planning on going through this information collected by the TORUS-3 satellite and the core samples from some of the icy debris material located in the Belt.

At this time, there’s no telling *where* the alien microbe had come from–either from the atmospheric sample containers, or the core samples, but I’ll find out in the next few chapters or so.

Keep in mind, this novel is based on an intense dream that I had a few days ago–involving Everett, Washington, the Colorado River bridge, and a town located up somewhere in North Dakota. (A movie theater was also involved and I’m not sure if it has any relationship to the movie theater in the Aurora, Colorado shooting. But all I can recall from the ongoing dream was eating Icee’s, Slurpees, and something else–but not touching the water because of alien contamination. (It was kinda strange–but this was part of the dream I had.)
So…? I have a lot to write. And praying when I’m done, it’ll make more sense on paper than it did in my dream. (Especially the Colorado River bridge sequence!)
Bloody Mary is about  someone who goes out committing mass murders using nothing but a pump-action shot gun and a lot of (what I remembered from the dream) fake blood everywhere.
It was messy, bloody, and a very intense dream. Don’t know if the book will be a satire, horror, or simply absurd like my White Hamster Chronicles trilogy, but this will give me more ammo for future books. 

The Witch’s Curse is about a family who inherits a church in the Northeast, only to find that not only does it have links to the old Salem Witch trials, but it is also cursed; containing a secret that is known only to one member of the immediate family who is also descended from those who practiced witchcraft and has some paranormal ability herself.

But the problem is, is that this ‘secret’ in the church contains the remains of a woman who was burned at the stake–sealed in a cross-like coffin and supposedly quiet. But in recent years, her spirit has been haunting the same church the family inherited–restless and looking for something.

Unfortunately, that ‘something’ was taken from the crypt and accidentally lost in another church fire some years ago, making things harder and harder for the family to come to grips with this ancient curse, or how to best deal with it.

Keep in mind, much of this was from the dream I had and is only in a rough draft. I still have to come up with a solution for the book’s resolution, but I’m sure I’ll be able to find something interesting. ^_^


So there you have it: What goes on in my mind and what I’ll be writing about in future novels.

As a side note, I’ve also come up with some new material for my other book Rogue Planet (which is a time-traveling piece involving Yours Truly) thanks in part to the Mars rover, Curiosity.  But ever since NASA landed that decked-out Moon Buggy of theirs (which reminds me of an old video game where you’re hopping moon buggies and blasting the hell out of stuff in the process–anyone remember that game?) on Mars, my mind’s been coalescing on some new plot bunnies for the book itself.

I’ve been told never to put yourself in a book of your own choosing, but I never listen to those little voices in my head anyways.

Too distracting. ^_^

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