Posted by: Schuyler R. Thorpe | September 22, 2012

The Story Thus Far…

(It took me 4 hours to write this, so I hope everyone is appreciative of my efforts! Man, I’m bushed! lol)

The Starchild

Genre: Science-Fiction/Fantasy

Pages: 2,016

Release Date (trilogy): 

Broken Dreams (2014)

Rebirth (2016)

Revelations (2018)


Set 10,000 years after the Fall of Man, humanity is once again facing destruction at the hands of the God of Insanity as the last surviving shard belonging to the Source of Chaos resurfaces–prompting the hasty resurrection of the legendary Starchild of Ancient Lore in order to meet this challenge head on.

But not everyone is happy with the idea of a teenage girl running around with the destructive power of the known universe in her hands. Some see her as a definitive threat to mankind and move against her; playing out a dangerous game of cat and mouse which involves both innocent and the guilty alike.

And if things aren’t bad enough, an ancient threat from the past reawakens just in time to take part in current events–quietly manipulating things from the side; in a bid to test the new Starchild of Ancient Lore and reclaim what was once lost: Setting things up for a final confrontation that will decide the fate of everyone involved.

Starchild Duel

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy

Pages: 2,107

Release Date (trilogy):

Sister’s Keeper (2017)

Counterpoint (2019)

To Brave The Storm (2021)


Five years after the events of The Starchild, Isis McGowan is plagued by nightmares and bad dreams that are a premonition of things to come. While she’s trying to find answers, someone from the alternate universe arrives in search of the Starchild–looking to enlist her help in her fight against Nemesis.

If things weren’t sucky enough, ex-Praetorial Guard captain Rayna Hastings’ daughter manages to find Nemesis’s stasis chamber and through it, is reborn as Nemesis herself–bringing about death and destruction wherever she goes.

Both Isis and Talia McGowan are no match for Cara’s incredible power and for a time, things appear bleak–until a trip into the alternate universe reveals just how bad things are for everyone involved. It is there that Isis McGowan learns the terrible truth about herself and her counterpart and decides–after a titanic struggle of epic proportions–that the only chance she’ll have against her former childhood friend is to take their battle to the stars and beyond.

It is a decision that few take lightly, but in order to accomplish that, both Isis and Talia McGowan must do everything they can to subdue a very persistent Cara Hastings and bring about an end to this nightmare once and for all–while trying to keep Earth in one piece in the process.

The Price of Freedom

Genre: Science-Fiction/Fantasy

Pages: 2,014 (and counting)

Release Date (series):

The Kentucky Offensive (2015)

Nightmare in Nashville (2017)

The Devil’s Snare (2019)

Assault on Waco (2021)

The Arizona Republic (2023)

A Leap of Faith (2025)


A generational war has humanity on the brink of extinction. Two people from both sides of the conflict band together in a herculean effort to end the conflict before more lives are lost and the planet is gone forever. Their mission is to travel back through time to the source of the conflict and stop it at its source–hoping to end a nightmare that most have shared for nearly 150 years.

But in order to get to their destination, both Kenneth Sparks and Kayla Sorenson must undertake a journey that has repercussions the world over–as they discover much about each other and about themselves as they travel the war-torn land of the former United States in a bid to collect the things needed for their mission to be successful.

Stories of the Dead Earth

Genre: Fantasy

Release Date (series):

Orphan (2014)

Siege (2016)

Jasper (2018)

Passion’s Blood (2020)

Hell’s Angels (2022)

* Titles for Books 6-10 will be forthcoming.


King Richard the Infinite First and his armies of Hellion’s Gate are besieging the lands of the Dead Earth in a bid for control and universal domination. Cities and towns, provinces, and territories have fallen to his might–leaving death and destruction wherever they go.

The seaside city of Parliament is of no exception and it too succumbs as well–making an orphan out of one Princesss Jeanna Ulysses; who flees her home in a desperate bid of survival in order to avoid becoming King Richard’s next unwitting victim.

But things don’t go as planned and she ends up on the distance shores of a seaside community town of Xanix where she is taken in and befriended by the local doctor–whom rescued and sheltered her when her mecha crashed upon the town’s shores two years earlier.

However brief her respite is, Jeanna finds herself in the crossfire of another invasion from a neighboring province and it’s up to her and her new found allies to make an all or  nothing stand that will decide the day.

But even if she succeeds or fails, she still has a long journey ahead of her. A quest to end the tyranny of King Richard himself and bring peace back to the lands of this Dead Earth.


The Princess of Renaar

Genre: Fantasy/Romance


A Darzai princess from the planet of Pacifica decides to stow away aboard a cargo ship for a chance at some real romance with its captain–a man with whom she’s had some serious designs on since she was a little girl.

But trouble is not too far away as they are not only being pursued by elements of the Pacifican military, the Terran Empire, but also black market pirates–whose goals are to increase the numbers of their own profitable sex slave trade.

And a Darzai princess with an enhanced sex drive would bring untold wealth to the highest bidder in question–providing they can capture her first…

Lost Souls

Genre: Paranormal/Horror

A haunted house in Greenwood Mississippi provides the backdrop for this book as a detective tries to solve a batch of mysterious murders that have been plaguing this town for the past thirteen years. 

Only the truth will set everyone free, but it will take a brave soul to unravel the secrets of the house itself.


Genre: Fantasy

The battle for Primal Earth rages on as the shadow demons try to lay claim to the entire planet. The only thing that stands in their way is a group of teens who specialize in fighting them; calling themselves firebirds.

But their war may have damning consequences–as the past and the future collide into the present and things start to unravel even as the battle for control wages on.

Rogue Planet

Genre: Science-Fiction/Fantasy


A miscalculated jump to Proxima Centauri lands one man in Earth’s distant past–where he finds himself alone and at the mercy of time itself. Hoping to find a way back, he enlists in the help of other races in a bid to return to the world he had left behind.

Naked Nutz

Genre: Fantasy


An orphaned cat at a petting zoo is on a mission to find things all cute and shiny. But when she ends up at a no-kill shelter, she discovers that she’ll need an army of devoted followers to help her break out and return them all to the place known as Hairy Acres.

The Princess of Mars

Genre: Science-Fiction/Fantasy


An Egyptian archaeological discovery on Mars may end up answering a long-held mystery that has plagued Earth’s scientists for the past two thousand years.

Lead Me Into Temptation

Genre: Paranormal/Romance


An out of work auto-mechanic finds himself caught in the middle of a war between the demon and vampire world; where his apartment complex turns out to be a portal to both.

Both sides have a vested interest in the man and it’s only appropriate that he be given what he most desires. But the question is whether or not he’ll accept what’s being handed to him, or which side he’ll have to eventually choose.

The White Hamster Chronicles

Genre: Fantasy/Romance


Humanity as we know it has been enslaved by the overpowering might of the Hamster. Three centuries later, some elements of humanity are still engaged in a full-scale war to take back the planet from their furry overlords and masters.

But events have been set into motion where factions of Hamster are starting to see things differently and who should have ultimate control of the planet. And it’s only a matter of time before full scale Hamster war breaks out and their human slaves are caught in the middle.

Sticks and Stones

Genre: Paranormal/Horror


After being bitten by an unknown species of bat, a girl is transformed into a terrible creature of terror as she hungers for human flesh; driven purely by instinct.

After a month-long reign of terror, she is captured and contained in a large crypt–where she remains undisturbed for centuries–until someone steals the one thing that is keeping her prisoner.

Free from bondage, the girl is befriended by a local priest’s son who is both puzzled and fascinated by her at the same time. But whatever spark of romance may be between them is short-lived, as the girl resumes her hunt for the missing item in question; killing only those who were in last possession of the trinket; until at last she finds what she is after all along..leaving her with both a gnawing question and a choice.

Bubbles Awash: A Panda Girl Story

Genre: Fantasy


Set in the backdrop of 2030’s Chicago, a physics student invents a wand that can create bubbles in the space/time continuum. But the effects aren’t what she had hoped for and so she suspends her work until she has a better understanding the device in question.

But her decision is short-lived as a crime syndicate sweeps through the city and begins targeting the city’s cosplay superheroes in the process–killing them with the very technology that gave them their unique and wonderful gifts.

Having survived a brush with some of the syndicate’s “enforcers”, the girl in question decides to enter the superhero arena herself–dressed as her favorite cosplay creation (a panda)–and try to solve the city’s newest problems while keeping herself one step ahead of the syndicate itself.

Fifty Shades of Twilight

Genre: Parody


Attending a Twilight convention in Forks, a rich college student runs into a group of Twilight cosplayers who believe they are the reincarnation of some of the characters from Twilight. 

Thinking that they had found another group member to add to their roles, the guys (and one girl) in question agree to attend a private party at the college student’s place in Forks. But once they get there, they discover that the woman in question is more than what she appears to be: A sadist dominatrix.

And what she wants is to add a little more fun to her new found harem–providing of course, they are willing to play along.

Maid of Iron/Made To Rust: New World Orders

Genre: Fantasy


A returning college student finds out that he has not only inherited his father’s house, but discovers that he has made an android maid.

Where she came from and what she was doing here is a mystery that only he can solve–providing he can stay one step ahead of government agents who want to contract the maid out for nefarious purposes.

Hot Summer Blues

Genre: Fantasy

A teenage girl is haunted by the ghost of a dead classmate and through him discovers what true love is like.

The Vampiress Hunter

Genre: Paranormal/Romance


College student and night-time vampiress hunter, Marlena Eliza Kosonovitch, finds herself caught up in an age-old affair with a local detective whom has her tied to a local murder. But things get really crazy when an ancient threat pops up to terrorize 2038 San Francisco and it seems as though the vampiress hunter is the only one with the strength enough to stop its bloody rampage.

But doing so only leads to more questions about her past than she is really prepared to take on.

Zombie Nation: Outbreak Zero

Genre: Fantasy/ Horror


A space-born virus sweeping through much of the civilized world has turned its dead victims into cannibals of unspeakable horrors. While Doctor Robert Jordan is working on a way to stem the onslaught and discover a cure, his daughter is having to deal with living life on her own at the mercies of her alcoholic mother and trying to stay out of trouble at school. (Not the fact that she was suspended for a week for nearly beating a kid to death because he made fun of her…?)

Oh, well. What’s a reclusive, anti-social ninja girl supposed to do? Get in trouble with the local authorities?



Airwolf: A Prince Amongst Thieves

Genre: Science-Fiction/Romance


Courier pilot Kina Anderson finds herself way over her head when she gets called upon to babysit an English prince half her age. But things get really messy when both she and the prince are the sudden target for an assassination plot designed to spark a war between England and the United States.

Between dodging both enemy and friendly fire throughout most of the book, Kina has to find a way to stop herself from jumping the handsome prince at every turn–even as she uses every trick she knows to keep them both alive and in one piece.



  1. Wow.. are these all WIP’s that you currently have?

    Thats some serious writing!!!

    • Yep. I’m still writing on these books. But I’ve been adding new ones for the past six months or so…so I dunno if I am ever going to *finish* these books! lol

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