Posted by: Schuyler R. Thorpe | January 15, 2014

Questions I’ll Never Get Asked In My Lifetime

neglectI know a lot what I write will never meet the approval of the masses–given what little feedback I’ve been receiving on my projects for the past 16 years. But it really annoys me greatly whenever I post something, people have to immediately focus on the little mistakes that are contained within.

Sure, nothing is going to be perfect. I don’t write with perfection in mind. I’m a draft writer. I write drafts. I edit as I go. I sometimes wish people would understand that–instead of going, “This needs to be worked on and that needs to be changed and this needs to be strengthened…” and on and on and on.

Yes, I know. Thank you so very much. Now will you kindly tell me what you thought of the fucking book please?!?

Nope. Nobody does that. They just like to complain about what’s wrong, rather than what has engaged them.

And the worst part of this experience is that after posting a whole novel online (Watt Pad anyone? You’ll find me there), nobody bothers to continue reading past the first few chapters. Of anything I post.

Just three chapters. And everything that is wrong with the book is inherently contained within those chapters. I seldom see anything past the fourth–let alone the fifth and sixth chapter.


Because no one reads past that. Hell, nobody reads the entire book and then comes back and tells me what they thought of it.

This is what I am missing from the experience: People online sharing their thoughts about the story. Not the mistakes and such, but the story. How did it connect with them? What did they think of the characters? Who was their favorite? What did they like best about the book? What did they hate most about it?

And on and on and on.

These are the questions I’m never going to be asked in my life time as a neglected author. And it makes being a writer even more challenging because for all intent and purpose, I’m writing blind here. I have no indication whether or not what I’m doing is the right course of action because people by and large would rather play amateur hour at the Improv with their editing skills rather than being a fucking reader for once and share with me their insights on the book.


I don’t get that kind of treatment. From anyone. I’m simply getting blasted from all sides on what is wrong with the book, but not what they liked about it. Something to tell me if I’m connecting with the online community. Because I just don’t know!

This is why I don’t share my work online much anymore. Because it’s just pointless. My main worry is having to write these novels and get them published and finding out that everything I did was wrong on some level because nobody told me beforehand what they felt about the book, the worlds, or the characters.

Even if every one of my novels was edited to perfection, I’d still be groping around in the dark. Because I simply have no feel for what’s been written. All I’ve been doing is making educated guesses and praying like hell that when the book gets done it makes more sense to me than it does to a community that hasn’t been very communicative as of late.

I desperately need more than just simple editing advice. I need feedback from people. Real feed back. I recently posted my novel to a beta reader’s group on Facebook and I don’t know if that’s going to work–because it’s been three days now and I still haven’t heard anything back from anyone.

And the irony here is that I’ve largely disavowed beta reader groups for the past decade on the grounds that they aren’t very helpful to me. (Everyone had a differing opinion on how the book should’ve been written.)

But the whole affair is just depressing as hell. And I don’t know what else do except rant and complain on my blogs and elsewhere.

I’ve tried telling people I want more than feedback, but I guess it’s just my fate to be pigeonholed for good on this front.

I dunno…

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