Posted by: Schuyler R. Thorpe | February 25, 2014

Screaming Into The Void: A Silent Journey Into The Abyss

The_Abyss_by_SteppenwolffMy journey towards self-publishing is going precisely on schedule: Right into that abyss where all the rest of the unknown writers go. The place where we all languish and die because of a lack of communication and branding.

My own journey started 16 years ago when I first started to get the word out about my novels–when I started telling people, “Hey! I’m a writer finally!”

Did my family care? No. They treated my newly borne profession as nothing more than a “hobby”. They never took me seriously enough to warrant any consideration, support, or encouragement. And what few friends I had back then showed little interest in what I was doing? Why?

As I stated in an earlier blog entry of mine, nobody asks me any questions.

Nobody inquires.

So how do I know if I’m reaching people in this day and age? I’m not.

Last night, I created two Facebook pages for my books Codename: Velocity and The Life of Pi and today I posted on my Facebook what I had done.

One like.

Out of 3,126 “friends”, I only got one like.

If you think that’s bad, 99% of my non-political, non-feline postings go virtually unanswered, unliked, or commented on.

So I’m track to be on nobody’s radar in the years to come. After all, how many of my blog followers actually comment or interact on my blog at any given time? As far as the numbers go, I have more silent readers than I have actual communicators.

And it’s that lack of communication which is swiftly killing my enthusiasm to reach out to people on this media platform. Facebook has gotten notoriously worse for social interaction and Twitter is a lost cause in on itself. I can’t reach anyone there. I’m just posting blind.

So what’s going to happen when my books become available? Well, if current trends hold, probably the same end results.

I’ll end up nowhere with no one even noticing that I’ve actually got something out finally after years of sacrifice and heartache.

Just like few people even notice now that I’m close to giving up talking to anyone at this point. There’s just no reason in communicating when nobody responds to what you’re posting on a daily basis–seeing how I’m doing nothing but talking to myself and going absolutely nuts here.

I pretty much gave up on Facebook because nobody ever talks to me. Ask me how I’m doing, what I’m doing, or how my writing is going. There’s just no interest.

I realize that I’m just a nobody, but come on! Speak to me! Talk to me!

Let me know that I’m not alone! I hate drifting in this abyss by myself! I want to have company and human interaction. But I can’t get it if everyone on Planet Earth is fucking silent…



  1. The majority of blog readers are silent readers. They always have been. Unless you ask them to share something of themselves and not to show an interest in what you are doing. That’s my impression. Likes and followers are also positive though. I often read blogs thinking: I like this. Keep going! But I’ve got nothing in particular that I’d like to say, except that I had a nice reading experience. So I ‘Like it’ and quietly move on.

    • It’s worse on Watt Pad where you get very few comments but a ton of silent readers. And it’s just aggravating. It doesn’t set a good precedent. Y’know? I’d like it more if people who read my work, or read my blog entries to take a moment to comment and move on. To *show* that they took the time to respond to something. Even if it’s anything–doesn’t have to be all mushy or anything.

      • Watt pad is terrible, I agree. I stick to FictionPress, but it’s the same there. On my other blogs it’s all about getting comments and dialogues going, but on my English blog I don’t care so much. I appreciate followers and likes.

      • It’s just…how are we supposed to build ourselves up if nobody communicates? How are we supposed to know if we’re reaching people if nobody comments?

        It’s frustrating. It’s the same shit I’ve had to deal with for the past 16 years now.

  2. OK… First of all, a lot of readers are looking for an easy and entertaining time. I skimmed through a couple of your latest posts now, and I had nothing to say because I don’t know your writing so I’m not going to comment on lack of action in your latest book. I’m not going to defend you, or your readers in that regard. Cause I have no idea. I’m not qualified to say anything at all.

    Secondly, and you might take this the wrong way, but you come across as a bit aggressive sometimes. You’re upset with the lack of acceptance in the literary world reacting on comments made at Wattpad or whereever. Again, I’m not taking sides here. I have not read your writing and I’ve not read the comments so I don’t know if they’re bordering harassment and that you have every right to react, or if they were written as attempts of constructive criticism. But again, I can’t comment on that blog post either, because I don’t know.

    What I think I do know is that not going to far off the beaten track, and staying relatively close to mainstream, but make sure your own voice and message still comes through, is probably a safer way to reach audiences, if you want masses. Because otherwise, you’re looking for a tiny group of niche readers and it’s difficult to find you in this messy blog jungle.

    Lastly, blog readers wants to talk about themselves, more than comment on you. So it’s way easier to make comment regarding ‘Your best writing tips’ and ‘Your word count this week’ etc. Posts like that are cute, light, easy to read and there are interesting comments to follow. I love blog posts like that. I can’t help it. And I think if you want more active readers, you actually need to ask questions like that in a very friendly, no strings attached kind of way.

    Personally, I don’t really care regarding my English blog, but a decade of blogging on other languages has shown me that the posts you pour your heart and soul into and that are serious matters and issues you’d love to get response on, go into the archives virtually unnoticed while meaningless posts regarding where to go on holiday cause my inbox to overflow because of all the friendly suggestions that pour in.

    • That’s the thing: People are *always* looking for the next big thing in entertainment that they overlook everything else. I guess it’s just within their nature. As for my aggressive nature, it’s just a part of who I am. When I’m this passionate about something, I don’t let it go very easily. I pursue it with all my heart–regardless of the consequences.

      I don’t know what I’m searching for anymore in terms of readers. Everyone seems pretty hung up on books like the Hunger Games or Game of Thrones or Fire and Ice that they don’t want to spare the time to look at the small fry of writers and what they have to offer.

      But a lot of my entries are just painting my frustration with people’s obstinance and hostile attitudes towards me whenever I dare challenge the accepted mindset of the establishment. I just can’t function like that. I want to preserve what original thought there is before it is lost forever to the jackals of the publishing industry.

      It’s why I’m on my own here and alone. Why I’ve been like this for uncounted years. I’m simply not a team player. And I have no plans of ever joining them.

      Unfortunately, I’m not that kind of blogger. I keep mostly to myself offline and only share what is important to me with the world. So a lot of it is antagonistic to the online community in general and best to be ignored. I mean, who is going to listen to some guy like me who rants most of the time?

      I just wish people were more communicative with me. I just feel like I’m talking to myself to a blank wall and not getting a desired response.

      But in the meantime, I have little to offer to the writing or blogging community except for my emotional outbursts and such.

      My writing…I’ve pulled everything because I wasn’t getting absolutely no feedback.

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