Posted by: Schuyler R. Thorpe | July 2, 2014

Manic Monday…Times Two

CRAZY_by_ANDREAcFor the past six months I’ve been having to deal with a lot of crap from either people, family, or complete strangers. My struggles in writing on my various projects has been staggered to a certain degree. Being depressed and moody doesn’t help matters much either.

And for a time, I didn’t think I was going to get anything done on my writing. I had slowed down to a veritable crawl by the end of May and getting out a single chapter to any one of my books had become a real chore. It wasn’t just about trying to think about what I was wanting for the novel, it was just the simple act of doing so which caused me a lot of consternation.

On the plus side, it also opened up me to the realities that writing five books at once in the span of two years was unrealistic. (I must give myself points for trying something new, but now, I must go back to the beginning and focus my efforts on just one book at a time and go from there.)

So as the days have lengthened and summer (for some of us) has arrived (it was 91 degrees in Everett and Seattle Washington yesterday), I suddenly had a royal epiphany of sorts on or about the 4th of June and without so much as a warning, I pulled out one of my older book projects (The Vampiress Hunter) and went to town on the novel; completing 63,000 words in just a 12-day period.

I was on a literal writing tear that I hadn’t experienced in the year since I started working on Codename: Velocity. I was writing two chapters a day over a 16-hour period, going to bed, and then waking up to repeat myself daily.

I just had so much energy! And I didn’t know where it came from or what to do! 

So I dumped it into my writing. I suddenly had these ideas, images, and story plot bunnies going off in my head about the current novel and just went nuts as a result. And the funny thing about this book, is that it had been five years since I last worked on it and I still knew where to go with it–even though it had been like forever since I wrote first 23 chapters and then…stopped.

It soon became the talk of the house and my mother-in-law caught wind of my writing tear and everyone’s been talking about it. Of course, it took about three weeks for my manic episode to run its course, but I can safely say the book is really interesting and intriguing.

For some reason, I always tend to write better when I’m focused on one book, rather than several at a time.

These manic episodes are just part of my depression and bipolar issues. But being a writer, it helps channel in some positive energy rather than negative all the time, and it’s given me a little bit more appreciation for when these incidences happen.

Since then, I’ve slowed down some. I’ve finally run out of energy, but the writing still continues. There are 55 chapters in the book now since I started (up from 23), and if this were another Nanowrimo contest, I would’ve blown through the 50,000 mark like there is no tomorrow easily.

I still have about a month left before I’m finished with the book, but I’m very excited about what’s been written. For the first time in awhile, my wife actually was interested in what I was doing–since her usual job is to stand by and just let me write in quiet solitude without interrupting me. (But the distractions still come regardless.)

I told my doctor the other day about my episode, but neither he nor I see any reason to adjust my meds in any way. As a matter of experience, you can only go so far in the tweaking business before you hit a wall. And I’ve had everything bumped up as far as it would go without impairing me or causing me problems with my blood-thinning medication.

But I’ve enjoyed the ride so far and that’s all that matters.

So onto the next chapter of my life…


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