Posted by: Schuyler R. Thorpe | July 18, 2014

The Vampiress Hunter: Love And Destiny Entwined

Vampires_by_Metal_NightWell, it’s been a productive month if I do say so myself.

In just 17 days, I’ve smashed my Camp Nanowrimo word record by a mile and a half and looking to the next 50,000 words and the next 50,000 following that. Yes, this book is getting larger as time goes on.

Already, I’m at 155,000 words and no matter how I look at it, I’m still writing. I still haven’t reached the end of the book. I thought I would be done by mid-August, but it may be well into September before the book is finally finished. And as I’ve found out recently on Watt Pad, such a lengthy novel will have to be broken up into two novels…possibly three. I haven’t decided.

But as it stands, the book may already go past 220,000 words. Maybe 250K. And the reason for that is because I’ve been so…caught up in the lives of my characters. After 70 chapters, I’m still nowhere near the end, and I feel that there is still so much to explore before I get to “the end” of the story.

As I read back what I’ve written so far, I’ve been astounded by the depth, level, and complexity of the ongoing story line. It’s not just about Marlena Kosonovitch and her struggles at a normal life after being a vampire hunter for 700 years, it’s also about finding the right person to share your life with after a lengthy amount of time has elapsed.

There’s Skye Thompson, who happens to be a kid at heart, but has a heart of gold and relishes in the power and love that he has for Marlena (even though she’s half-vampire) and what his goals and desires are for the future.

And then there’s Amanda Scott who is driven to uncover the truth about Marlena and the locantamere threat that embodies the whole novel’s premise by pitting them both against a problem that may not have an easy resolution–which just sets up the stage for the next book in line, Child of Blood.

But what bakes my cake in so many ways, is the level of emotion and passion that permeates the whole novel from the first page on. I always thought that Marlena was a bit cold, detached, and aloof at times in the beginning, but it turns out that later on in the book, she really does have a soft side for people and a certain cat that she adores to pieces.

I think it’s mostly her human side which has influenced her greatly and diminished her vampire abilities by leaps and bounds. She still has that potential to unleash the power of her other side, but I think because she’s spent so much time among humans and lived with them for as long as she has–on her own–that being a vampire no longer matters.

However, it doesn’t mean that those urges have gone away. She still has to feed every so often and poor Skye Thompson seems to be her only outlet for those needs.

Amanda on the other hand, struggles with her abilities, her past, and her alcoholism. She’s a really tormented soul which I thought I did a pretty good job on. There’s nothing like having damaged goods for a character who really speaks to the reader in ways that few would understand.

Or be able to relate to. But she’s still human and very much in search of the truth and the answers to her life which may or may not be forthcoming. But she’s not alone in her travels. She has a trusty and very resourceful AI computer program named Adrianne to keep her company.

And through her, Amanda does find some support, closure, and camaraderie. I think I did a bang up job with her as a support character because she has such a vivid and bubbly personality that grows on you as time goes on. There is literally nothing that she can’t do, but she is limited by her programming and her outwardly designs.

However, the potential for growth is there and it’s going to be interesting to see what develops in the future for everyone involved.

Above all, this book has been teaching me a lot about myself and my own ambitions as a writer, but also giving me the needed flexibility to explore my worlds without hindrance or limitations. This world that I’ve gone and created is markedly different than anything we know now. It’s histories are slightly altered to conform to the new paradigm.

But what I find most telling of all, is how each character in play acts and reacts in their respective environment. It’s like a whole new world of possibilities has opened up and I’m right there exploring them as I see it.

It’s a deeply fascinating experience, coupled with the fact that I’ve never written a paranormal/romance novel of this magnitude. It makes what I’ve done on Codename: Velocity look like a picnic. Only because every new book I’ve been writing is much different than the last.

A lot of different rules, different modes of play, everything. And I always thought, “Hey! This might be the same as the last time.” But that’s not the case.

Writing for me has become a lifetime commitment to uncovering the secrets of the known universe–using my imagination as fodder and my obsession to write as the main driver.

People may tell me to quit being a writer, or to stop altogether, but I can’t exceed to those requests.  And when I stare at my work, at my novels, I see the magic and hard thinking that went into creating them.

Just like I created this novel. After a five-year hiatus, I found my will to write again. My inspiration to keep going. I can’t explain what turns that on. It just happens.

So The Vampiress Hunter is a special book that will do a lot of soul-searching and play on the minds of my readers everywhere–as they are subjected to a novel that has no real equal.

It’s intense, sensual, funny, sarcastic, down to earth. It’s much different than those paranormal novels out there that only focus on one thing with their vampires and such. Mine deal with real people. Their own humanity sort of speak. Things that don’t often enter the fray.

This novel encompasses a lot of themes. And as I keep reading on, keep adding to the novel, I’m finding a lot of common ground with the book itself. It speaks to me.


And I know that when I’m finished, I won’t be able to duplicate the same effect over again. The next novel in line and those following it will be written much differently than the first. And I think it’s those differences which will set me apart from the rest of the writers of the world.

Because it’s not what I know that makes me a competent writer and future author. But what I feel in my heart.

It’s what gives my books life and personality.

And from that, a hope that we all can learn something some day…



  1. I love what you’re doing. That is one long novel and I’d bet money it’s great already.

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