Posted by: Schuyler R. Thorpe | July 20, 2014

The Sea, You, And The Sun

peachpulsarI’ve got a confession to make: I’m a huge fan of hentai mangas. I have a huge collection of downloads dating back to 2005 on CD and DVD-R. And what draws me most to them is the fact that the story lines are beyond funny, beyond ridiculous, beyond stimulating, and so on.

I’m always wondering what Oliver is going to deliver on his website ( next which will give me something new to read.

So what piqued my interest about a week ago, was finding a yuri manga about two girls in love with each other and the obstacles they faced together–trying to come to terms, trying to reconnect, trying to do everything humanly possible to be together after a lengthy absence.

I found the story line to be very endearing and it got me thinking about how perfect their relationship was and the obstacles and trials they faced either separate or together. (Nozomi’s girlfriend trying to tell her father about herself and her new love was icing on the cake.)

And this manga got me thinking about my own lesbian-themed fantasy/romance novel, Codename: Velocity and how both Mari and Velocity’s relationship also faced similar uphill battles and conflict which doesn’t have a clear resolution towards the end.

As I read The Sea, You, and the Sun in its entirety this morning, I was taken in by the characters feelings for one another: How Nozomi was struggling early on to justify her feelings towards Kiara and how eventually, she openly admitted to her how much she loved her.

And poor Kiara! She was doing everything humanly possible to keep away from her boisterous and bubbly girlfriend, until about halfway through the manga she finally realized that she wasn’t in love with her ex, but with Nozomi herself.

That brought back memories of Mari trying to get Velocity over to her side and how she spent the last six years trying to be more than just a friend to her–especially now–while Velocity was doing everything she could to keep everyone she knew (and loved) at arm’s length.

So it was just a bonus reading the manga and finding so much commonality with the book I spent 10 months writing and fleshing out. It really helped put things into prospective–knowing that the book I labored over through endless weeks of severe depression could come out so beautiful and so perfect.

Because of such, I’m more convinced that this book will be a big hit among the LGBTQ community–if I can market it just right.

It’s not just about the sex in the novel (or in the manga) which is the main driver to the plot, but about the conflict in a tightly wound relationship which is the centerpiece to both. I wanted to touch base as much as possible on the influx of teenage emotional drama and how either character deals with it.

Like Nozomi, Mari is very loving and caring. She has this “can do” attitude which makes her very popular with her brothers and sisters. Velocity on the other hand…she’s very meticulous, logical, and deeply driven to succeed. And while her new personality shows her to be antagonistic and ambiguous, her old one put her at a huge disadvantage with her peers and her superiors.

So she’s like Kiara all over for the same reasons.

And like both, both Velocity and Mari have a lot of room for growth and potential. And their relationship, their bond with one another will only continue as time goes on.

And I think that’s going to be important as the series progresses.

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