Posted by: Schuyler R. Thorpe | October 24, 2014

New Book Series In Progress

Living_dead_girl_by_IWontLieDownI burned out completely by August with my Vampiress Hunter novel and got about 15 chapters done between August 10th and September 12th where I finally called it quits after writing the 100th chapter to the book trilogy. I just didn’t have the energy or the focus to wrap things up. So for the next 26-27 days, I was in limbo for much of September and into early October until about the 8th where I started writing a completely new book for a short series of books in the paranormal/romance department–trying to start things up with a new mission.

Presently, I have about 50,000 words done into the new novel, which is called The Death Dealer and The Orb of Truth. The book and the series centers around a Japanese-American third year student named Camille Young who is next in line to become a full fledged Death Dealer after her dad passed away ten years ago and on the cusp of her mom’s retirement.

Things seem to be simple on the surface for the young lady until you realize that she’s not quite what you expect for a promising young heroine. For one thing, she’s a living dead girl–half alive, half dead; the end result of a wish her father made with the Orb of Truth. Because of her unique status, Camille’s had to hide what she really is from the public eye through an improvised body wrap, head mask, and veil.

You would think that being born ugly and disfigured would create problems for her publicly and socially, but the community she grew up in rallied around her and gave her a lot of support and love. And since she’s been raised in the Osaka District of Japan (sans 2034), Camille has had the chance to make a few friends on the side and be accepted by the school and student body.

Along the way, she befriended a boy by the name of Jack Nickerson at a relatively young age and the two have been inseparable since kindergarten–having grown close as best friends go these days.

And friendships is what will help Camille solve a lot of problems along the way–including the theft of the Orb of Truth from her, the saving of her father’s spirit from the Soul Collector, and the hunt for two legendary Orbs; the Orb of Wandering Souls and the Orb of Fate. (Which the latter rounds out the fifth and final book.)

So I’ll be working on this one for awhile. Each book will mostly likely average about 140,000 words (maybe 150K–depending on what’s being written) and if I can hold the line, I should be finished by June of 2015–as I’ve put all my other projects on hold until then.

But this is will mark the first YA series I’ve ever written as well–having culled some inspiration for the book series on Life in Outer Space by Melissa Keil. (I read that book twice.)

So wish me luck. The coming months are going to be crazy and fun-filled.


  1. Awesome! Good luck!

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