Posted by: Schuyler R. Thorpe | April 22, 2015

The “Fourth Wall” Space-Western Series. (So Psyched!)

space_cowgirl_by_sugarsart-d54cpxcA month’s worth of writing is okay…right? I mean, I managed to squirrel away 14 chapters to my Death Dealer novel from March to April…right? So is it okay for me to take a break, jump tracks, and go onto another book series for the time being?

It’s not like I’m running out of steam, ideas, or motivation to write here. I’m just simply bouncing around on a whole list of projects.


So anyhew…

The story is thus…

A couple days ago, I came across a FB game that had some pretty cool space-Western themes in it which intrigued me and got the hamster wheel upstairs spinning again and I thought, “How cool would this be if I could turn something like this into a book series?”

Something radical…something awesome

And hey…! A new experimental series that I can play with and make it work–like my Codename: Velocity novel. (Which has strong LGBT themes underwritten in it.)


So I put together a couple ideas, the first four novels in the series, and started writing out the first chapter to the book–with a reasonable goal of 90-100,000 words.

So here’s the premise to the book and the series: Two smugglers are on the run from the Bureau after being falsely accused of murder. The eldest sister is Tara Earhart and is in her mid-20s. Her younger sister, Zahra is only 17, but quite the spit fire and roundabout troublemaker.

After making a pit stop at the Trader’s Guild to renew their pilot licenses–happens every six months–the two women end up meeting with one of their friends (and suppliers) at Christopher’s Landing. Unfortunately, the Bureau got there first before they did and offer them two choices in their ongoing predicament: They can either serve five years hard labor on some nondescript prison planet of their choosing, or they can enter the Gun Frontier (a lawless quadrant of known space) as Gun Rangers–with the option of being able to pay off their debt to society by tackling some of the worst criminals and scum of the universe ever imagined.

And as a personal bonus…they get paid exceptionally well for their job and their ship, the Luck Dragon gets free service and resupply for as long as the contract (or lives) last.

So the book series spans the following ten novels:

Gun Frontier

The Pale Rider

The Big Heist

The Wanderer

No Man’s Land

The Royal Hand

Death Watch

The Survivor

At Summer’s End

The Road Home

So as it stands…I’ve never wrote a space-western before. Familiar with the concept, seen both Star Trek and Firefly (a few episodes), but it’s been the one thing that’s eluded me for the past 20 years. I can write science-fiction, fantasy, romance, paranormal, but Westerns is something I had…well, no real desire to try out because I was taking things a little too literally.

So I’ve decided to put all these smarts, creativity, and imagination I have accumulated to the test and put something like this together.

Keep in mind, it may morph into something else, but I have a strong feeling that this is going to be more fun and entertaining than my previous books–which had a more serious bent to them.

Wish me luck.

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