Posted by: Schuyler R. Thorpe | June 2, 2015

New Series (Machine Mind)

machine__by_aditya777-d8v5ew5So by my count, this would be the third or possibly fourth series in the works. Or is it a fifth?

I keep forgetting how many books I have on tap and how many I still have yet to write. But if all holds true, I’ll enough to keep me company for the next 20-30 years.

Adding to the pot just means I have a lot to do and a lot of worlds and characters to write about.

This new series is no different than any of the other ones I’ve crafted on such short notice, but with each one, I seem to be doing better and better. (Not to say my writing style or approach is terrible or in jeopardy here. But with each new book, I keep discovering why the journey of a writer means so much to me–even if others have their doubts.)

So…based on a deviantart picture I found on the site, I created a new book series spanning five novels that is part dystopian, part cyberpunk, part science-fiction-fantasy, with a dash of light romance mixed in.

The first novel, Into The Mind deals with a machine construct born from years of genetic engineering and advanced cybernetics. (There is no time frame in this series. Just a world that had gone to ruin and been reborn into something else.)

A girl whose job is to police and protect a sprawling megalopolis (Ekodi) on the planet Terminus. But she’s not alone in this venture. Thanks to DNA re-sequencing and advanced cloning, there are thousands of like-minded units born and bred in her image.

Thousands of Kaitlins.

All tasked to securing the city, protecting the inhabitants within, and instilling order wherever they go.

Pretty simple, right?

Not exactly.

During a routine patrol with a few of her other “sisters”, Kaitlin comes across a crime in progress at a distribution warehouse in the lower district. A housing enclave containing supplies and food stuffs for refugees from the outside world lucky enough to come across the city and survive.

Going in, the girl takes point while her sisters secure the parameter. It’s inside that she crossed paths with a boy (Akao) whose mission seems to be grabbing whatever he can and leaving while the getting is good.

However, he never expected to run into her. Or her sisters. But he manages to elude everyone with his pilfered goods before she or anyone else can intervene.

The encounter leaves the machine construct troubled and confused by what went on–setting up a conflict of interest that has no resolution. At least…not yet.

Instead of reporting the break-in, the girl instructs her sisters to keep quiet on the matter until she’s had a talk with her creators and masters. But because of a scheduling conflict of its own, Kaitlin is never able to talk to her team and she’s having to go to bed thinking about the boy and his crime of passion.

All of which sends signals of their own to her, leaving her in quite the mess.

The next morning, she returns alone to the scene of the crime, trying to figure out the reason behind the break-in, and privately hoping that the boy would return. A boy who is no older than she is…categorically speaking.

Either through luck or fate, Akao does return–leaving the pair mutually surprised by the sudden turn of events. As far as introductions go, this has got to be the worst case of bad timing for either one. Only because the warehouse owner shows up unexpectedly, demanding answers to the crime.

Answers that Kaitlin alone has no information on. Akaeo does, but he’s not privvy to handing it out for free. So instead, he comes up with a cover story about his “accidental” discovery of the crime scene and patently points fingers at the girl in question who is deep inside enemy territory.

Not used to being lied to, Kaitlin struggles with a suitable answer for the owner, a dilemma all its own–before finally establishing her own identity through the Network.

After which, it’s a simple matter of taking Akao into custody. But along the way, the boy decides to go off the beaten path and bring her back to his place for the time being–promising to show her something that would change her world forever.

What she finds challenges everything she’s ever believed in. Another world unlike Terminus that is on the verge of awakening after a 500-year slumber. A place of such great mystery and danger that Kaitlin’s very existence could be in peril.

A planet called Earth.


The other four books in the series is called:

Machine Realm

Decaying Souls

Songs of The Silent 

The Long Sleep.

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