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Some people think that having a blog means having to reveal things about yourself that most people would find either irrelevant or personal. But for me, I’m always divulging information about the kind of person I am–because I feel that it would give people a chance to connect with me on some level–be it professional or personal.

I’ve lived a life that no one would find too appealing or easy. Most of when I spent was being strategically isolated from everyone else–because being born a preemie…not a lot of people could understand the kind of person I was growing up.

As such, I was a troubled child, fighting for my own identity, trying to get accepted by others, but often lashing out at a world that I discovered was both uncaring and cruel to people with my level of disability.

I was born with cerebral palsy–which laid me out with a ton of emotional and psychological issues–including physical and health problems that continue to plague and impact me even today–almost 40 years later.

I was a foster care child, institutionalized by the state in an effort to get me stabilized and situated–because once I turned 18…? My ass was grass. I had to begin standing on my own.

Schooling was challenging, at times difficult, and I came close to failing 5th grade–because I had fallen farther behind my classmates. But because I had some caring teachers, I was able to turn my grades around in 1983 and get A’s, B’s, and C’s. (Whereas I had D’s and F’s.)

I managed to graduate from high school and then part-way through college (1 year left for my Associates) and spend much of the next ten years or so trying to eke out a modest living bopping through a number of jobs; while battling chronic homelessness, men’s shelters, and the occasional apartment. (Financial issues surrounding my low income and because Washington state is hellishly expensive to live in.)

I started up my writing career because of my love of books and spent the next 16 years writing out a hash of unpublished novels, short stories, and poems. But because of the abrasive nature of the mainstream–and my massive tomes–I’ve found myself to be ‘unpublishable’ by mainstream standards.

Then of course, there is the stigma of being a new writer and gravitating toward self-publishing that I have to deal with–which I don’t mind much–because this is where I plan on going with my books; while posting what I have (in terms of drafts–as things often change in my writing) on various blog sites and online.

But I’m hoping that success with my writing will allow me to open doors for other struggling writers here in the Northwest in the near future with my own special imprint and publishing company. ^_^

I’m married–almost 10 years–no kids (which is okay), but we have five parakeets, a fish, and a dog–to keep my wife and I happy and content.

I’ve also been battling depression and anxiety for the past couple of years–along with the unpredictable weather here in the Puget Sound area. But in the coming year or so (2012), I hope to land a nice job as a teacher’s assistant or counselor that will allow me to help others as I’ve helped myself.


  1. been there done that almost doing it now? every feel like you are almost on the edge of another world, like the air around you almost seems to turn in on itself?

  2. to get something you never had, you have to do something you never did – not mine, someone else’s. i want to write SO badly. i have so much to say and nothing. i envy you and admire what you’ve been through and your perseverance. keep writing and just remember why you do it and why it keeps you whole.

    • I plan on it! Thanks for your support and encouraging comments. I really appreciate it! :0)

  3. Dude, how can you say that you are unpublished? you have hundreds of people reading your stuff, is that the main reason besides money that people get published? I can say without a doubt that you are a published author, digital, and not traditional because you want to save a rain forest or something, a conscientious eco-minded author.

    • It’s true that people are reading my works, but I’m still unpublished. I’m still planning on both e-book and print, but it has little to do with being eco-friendly or saving a rain forest…

  4. Keep on writing, Schuyler; I especially liked your piece on the “Other” Arizona… thx for not giving up. Peace & Light — CA

    • I’m going to keep on writing. I’ve been battling depressing all of last year and this year, but I’m trying to re-establish a normal routine. :0)

      • Find me on Facebook … I’ll try to help push your blog OPEDs there — got nearly 4,000 followers who I’m sure would love to read some of your material. 😉

      • That would be great! I could use some extra traffic! :0)

    • That piece surprised me too! I didn’t realize that Arizona was that ‘restrictive’ on rights and everything else. It just….y’know…

  5. Have you tried http://www.Lulu.com? On that site, you can self-publish for free. Just pay for each copy of your book. It’s not a bad deal when you’re just starting out.

    • Unfortunately, Lulu.com won’t allow me to publish anything of mine past a few hundred pages. Not even trilogies.

  6. Dude, how can you say that you are unpublished? you have hundreds of people reading your stuff, is that the main reason besides money that people get published? I can say without a doubt that you are a published author, digital, and not traditional because you want to save a rain forest or something, a conscientious eco-minded author.

  7. It’s nice to meet you 🙂 I wish you good luck in all your future endeavors!

  8. Hey I just came across one of your works on wattpad (The Basics of Writing). Then went to your profile, and now I’m here…so “hi”. I’m a writer, new to wattpad & blogging. You seem interesting and we have a few things in common from what I just read. Anyway, following you now.

  9. I’ve found that yoga with emphasis on the deep breathing helps me feel better when I’m struggling with my mood. There is something about the pain of stretching that releases endorphins, I think. And the deep breathing against pressure can make me feel mildly euphoric after fifteen minutes or so. I don’t go to yoga classes anymore, but the few I attended were free and quite refreshing.
    Hang in there and keep writing.

    • I take daily walks to unwind. I’m too fat for yoga (heh) and I try to stay positive, but it’s a challenge.

      • I recently had my thyroid (TSH, T3 and T4) checked and found out I’ve had hypothyroidism all my adult life. I’ve been on thyroid meds for a month now and feel a lot better. I lot 15 pounds without dieting. Could still stand to lose five or seven more. There’s a book called, “Thyroid Power” that will teach you more about the disease than most MD’s hold in their working memories, if you think you might have it. The book says 10 percent of the population has it. The author is an MD.

      • I don’t think I have that. Just a slow metabolism, advanced aging issues, blood-clotting disorders, and a perchance for chocolate. :0)

  10. Oh you poor baby. You had such a fucking rough life. Everyone in the room feel bad now. Doesn’t mean you will ever be anything more than a writer. A simple little writer.

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